Introducing CtrlB

CtrlB is an observability platform for developers. It lets you analyze and troubleshoot your running application code by securely adding logs, metrics, and traces in real-time and on demand. There is no need for hotfixes, restarts, or redeployment.
Developers across teams use CtrlB’s Live Debugger for -
  • 3P (3rd Party) Lib debugging
  • Batch-processing debugging
  • API 500 errors debugging
  • DB/Persistance issues debugging
  • Misbehaving caches debugging
  • Webhooks debugging
  • Dynamic Instrumentation
  • Broken CI Debugging
  • Remote Debugging
  • Production Debugging
  • Live Debugging
  • K8s Debugging
  • Serverless Debugging
  • Feature Flag Debugging
Last modified 6mo ago