Explore your data

The Logs pane on left allows you to view and query your data.

Choose a Pipeline

Choose the pipeline for which you want to explore the logs.

All logs

You can see all the logs for the selected pipeline in this pane. You can click on a log message to see its details.

Time range selection

You can select the range for which you want to see logs at the top right of the screen. You can also press Live to see the logs streamed in real time as they are generated in your application.


Use the query box to add simple or complext filters to aid your search.

CtrlB supports both AND / OR operators so that you can get the exact data you want. This means you can query for something that would read as status = 200 AND body CONTAINS info.

  1. Click on the query box to see the attributes present in your log messages.

  2. Click on the query box again to see the supported operators. Select one and type in a value.

  3. You can combine multiple filters using the AND , OR operators.

There can be different operators depending upon the type of the attribute.

  1. String fields

    1. =

    2. !=

    3. IN

    4. NOT IN



    7. REGEX

    8. NREGEX

    9. LIKE

    10. NOT LIKE

    11. EXISTS

    12. NOT EXISTS

  2. Numeric fields

    1. =

    2. !=

    3. >

    4. >=

    5. <

    6. <=

    7. IN

    8. NOT IN

    9. EXISTS

    10. NOT EXISTS

  3. Boolean fields

    1. =


In the attributes pane, you can look at all the attributes in your log messages along with their values in order to quickly query that data.


CtrlB Flow intelligently mines patterns in your log data so that you can directly query logs based on that or drop sending those logs to external logging solutions.

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