1. Download our go heimdall agent by running the following command inside your application folder. This add the heimdall agent to the go.mod file:

go get -d

At later point in time, you can update the package to latest version by running: go get -u

  1. Import the heimdall package at the top of your main file as follows:

import (
    heimdall ""
  1. In your main function, call heimdall.Start() as follows:

    Apikey:     "<your-api-key-here>",
  1. Use these build flags while building your application:

go build -gcflags="all=-N -l"

Avoid setting -w and -s ldflags. Doing so causes the compiler to strip the debug symbols from the binary which is needed by our agent.

If you're building on Alpine, remember to add tags -tags=alpine.

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