🏭Deploy within your firewall

If you are an enterprise and want to deploy CtrlB within your network, here's what you should do.

  1. Reach out to us and we will give you a docker-compose file. Running this starts our backend server on port 8092 of your machine.

  2. Signup and login to our IDE plugin. Go to user icon > Profile.

  1. Here you will see a section Broker details. The default URL is https://atlas.ctrlb.ai which points to our SaaS backend. You should edit this to point to the server you started in step 1. This could be something like http:<ip-address-of-your-machine>:8092.

  2. In your application, specify the new broker host and broker port.

import os
os.environ["ATLAS_BROKER_HOST"] = "ws://<ip-address-of-your-broker-machine>"
os.environ["ATLAS_BROKER_PORT"] = "8092"

import heimdall
heimdall.start(apikey="your-api-key", debug=False)

If you've specified the broker host correctly, you should be able to see the application in the IDE plugin when you run it.

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